Family histories

120px-Family-Tree-128x128Family History –  in fact, history generally – has fascinated me since I was a child, but it was only with the advent of the internet that I was able to do much in the way of serious research. Over the last decade I have built up a database of some 20-odd thousand names, with many lines going back to medieval times. I have written family histories for my own family and the families of clients and have proof-read or edited several local histories and biographies.

Got lots of info? Don’t know how to organise it? Want something a bit less generic than the so-called “books” your family history software spits out? Talk it over with me and I’ll give you a quote for putting a unique family history together especially for you: something that will be treasured by your grandchildren and their descendants long after we are gone. Don’t you wish your ancestors had the foresight to write such a book?

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