Satima's chartAstrology and Palmistry have been interests of mine since I was in my teens. In fact, I first read hands at a school fete when I was twelve, having read an article on it in Woman’s Day! (Ah, the confidence of youth!) Fortunately I turned out to have a gift for the palmist’s art and I have given literally thousands of readings since then.

As an adult I gained the Certificate of the Federation of Australian Astrologers under the mentorship of the late Barbara Brackley, and I was also fortunate enough to receive teaching from several other fine practitioners, including Liz Greene and Brian Clarke.

I pride myself on writing individualised personal reports based on the date, time and place of birth, which can be ordered by email. My favourite report is a special one for young adults. Based on the cycles of the planet Saturn, this report gives an overview of the individual’s life pattern so it makes an ideal coming-of-age gift. Contact me for details.