Editing – academic & other non-fiction


120px-Mortarboard.svgMuch of my work consists of proofreading and editing dissertations, theses and academic papers in a variety of disciplines. I’ve tackled areas as diverse as Film & Television, Physiotherapy, Law and Art. It always makes me happy when a student rings me after submitting work to say their supervisor was pleased. I am proud to say that only very rarely has a client of mine had to re-submit a thesis. It is such a thrill when I hear that all our hard work has paid off and a student has satisfactorily completed a course and been awarded that long-coveted degree!

Foreign academics, especially former students who take up the academic life, often return to me after graduation to ask for help in preparing journal articles. This is an area in which I feel at home, due to my past experience in freelance journalism.



120px-Books-aj.svg_aj_ashton_01.svgAlthough my main areas of interest are biographies, memoirs, local histories and family histories, I am happy to edit and/or proofread anything from a job application to a technical manual to a self-help book. Contact me and we’ll discuss your particular needs.