What I Do


I write high fantasy fiction. I edit books and theses.

My first novel!

My first novel!

Writing high fantasy fiction takes up most of my time. Of course, a lot of a writer’s day is spent thinking and daydreaming about the work in progress, so it’s not all sitting at a computer.  I also edit and mentor beginning writers and a few Masters and Ph.D students who are writing theses on various topics. I will, if asked, write astrological reports, too.

Occasionally I teach meditation, having spent several years on the dharma-bum trail, working at monasteries and retreat houses of various faiths. (I have a degree in Religious Studies with a Dance Minor, so of course I became an editor!) I was on staff at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, for a couple of years in the mid-nineties, sitting at the feet such luminaries as Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Saltzberg.  Before I became a writer and editor I was a dance teacher. I still teach a class in Theatrical Dance for mature ladies at the Trinity School for Seniors, Perth, Western Australia.

Those are the main things people pay me for, but other favourite activities include housesitting for friends (and looking after their pets), yoga and belly dancing.  I also attend speculative fiction conventions, belong to the Western Australia’s Society of Editors (SOEWA) and the Shakespeare Club of Western Australia. I’m active on Facebook every day and I intermittently check Twitter. I blog on all these topics and more over at my Blogspot, but you can also read a bit about my interests by following the links below:

Editing –  academic & other non-fiction

Editing – fiction

Writing – non fiction

Writing – fiction


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And just in case you’re wondering, here is what I don’t do!