How I do it

I prefer to work on screen using MS Word’s editing facility. I will correct your spelling and punctuation and help you re-word obscure passages for clarity by making notes and suggestions in the margin. I will, of course, work in hard copy if that’s your preference.

I edit electronically, using margin comments. I don’t usually use ‘Track Changes’. While Track Changes is a useful component of MS Word, it can also tempt students to accept all changes without consideration or even without reading the work!

I can do a much better job if you allow me plenty of time. I like to see a thesis or other long work chapter by chapter as you go along, finally giving the whole manuscript a last copy-edit before you submit it.

NOTE: If you don’t send the work chapter by chapter I must receive the entire thesis or book at least three weeks before your submission deadline – and that would be for a dissertation or a novella of up to, say, 20,000 words in length. The longer the work, the more time it takes! A 100,000ww book needs at least three months!