Send me a synopsis and the first twenty pages (to the nearest scene break) and I will read it and let you know if it is ready for editing. I am often sent manuscripts that are nowhere near publication standard, and I refuse to charge people for editing when what they really need is good advice. If I think you would benefit more from an assessment of your work rather than editing, I will offer you a mini-assessment of the material you have sent, in which I’ll comment on your plot (that’s why I need a synopsis) and the first few pages of your manuscript. I’ll also give you some ideas to work on. A mini-assessment costs only $115. This includes a report of at least six pages in length, plus a sample edit of the first few pages of your work. I can usually get a fair idea of what your work is like from the synopsis and the first twenty pages or even less.


My editing strengths lie with fantasy, and historical fiction and non-fiction. If I don’t think I’m the right editor for your particular kind of writing, I’ll tell you so at once, and if I can, I’ll suggest another editor you might approach.


If you are a new client and your thesis or dissertation is over 100 pages, the first hour’s editing is free. This not only lets you judge the quality of my work for yourself – it also saves you a few dollars and enables me to give you an estimate for the rest of the manuscript. If you decide you want to go ahead with me, you can send larger files either via e-mail or through an upload service.

Please note that with academic theses, I like to see an abstract and the Literature Review first, if at all possible, as these give me the best idea as to the nature of the work and the standard of your English.


Proofreading and correction of written papers (Undergraduate) $45.00 per hour or $8.00 per page, whichever is the less. (Minimum charge $45)
Proofreading and correction of written papers (Honours and Post-Graduate) $50.00 per hour or $9.00 per page, whichever is the less. (Minimum charge $50.00)
Proofreading and commentary on other written material, fiction and non-fiction As for honours and post-graduate academic work for up to 50 pages. Longer manuscripts by negotiation.
Checking of already professionally copyedited manuscript pre-publication $3.50 per 1,000ww
Discussion interviews (Face to face or by phone) $25.00 per half hour
Writing (non-academic non-fiction) By negotiation.



A thesis written by a scholar whose native language is not English takes many hours to edit. I always tell students to allow up to $3,000 for a thesis, but provided you give me enough time, I can usually bring the work in at less than that. Work of any kind written by native speakers is much easier to edit, hence the varying scales of charges above – if your English is not very good, the per page rate will work out cheaper for you. If your English is already of a good standard, the hourly rate will be cheaper.

What do I mean by ‘a good standard’? Your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, syntax and spelling will be equivalent to that of a native speaker who has studied those topics to at least final year high school level. Not all high school English courses cover all those things, unfortunately, so the standard of English I see even from native speakers is not always very good.

And of course if you’re a fiction writer you will  have already learnt how to set out your work in a professional manner and have a good grasp of how to structure a plot, how to develop characters, how to use point of view and setting and how to “show, don’t tell” so as to help give your reader the kind of immersion experience modern book lovers expect.

To find out more about the nuts and bolts of how I work, click here.


Payment on all work is required in advance. Except for very small jobs, I ask clients to pay a minimum of $150 into my bank account as I begin the work and to keep “topping up” until the work is nearly finished.


This is a bonus system for established clients. I appreciate referrals from satisfied customers, as it means I don’t have to go to a lot of trouble and expense with advertising.

Every time you refer a client to me, and that client books and pays for a minimum of three hours’ proofreading / editing, I will give you one hour’s work within the same scale, completely free of charge: e.g. if your friend has three hours’ proofreading at the $45 rate, you will get a $45 credit. Make sure that you tell your friends to mention your name when paying for their work and I shall note it on your account as a credit towards your next payment. This is another reason to send me your work chapter by chapter – if you send me referrals you’ll be able to use the credit for your current work. Of course, you can save it to use at a later date if that suits you better.

Note: Bonus hours must be taken in kind and cannot be taken in cash or passed on to anyone else.